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What is a Real Estate Digital Twin?

We all know that real estate is a big deal. But did you know that digital twins are a big deal, too?

A digital twin is a 3D model of your space–and it’s not just for the techies anymore. You can create your digital twin using Matterport’s technology and make it interactive, allowing customers, teams, partners and stakeholders to virtually walk through the space and see all the details. With a Matterport digital twin, you can easily document your space including measurements, tags notes and tours which are all adjustable with editing tools.

Digital twins are all over the place. They’re being used to increase efficiency reduce costs improve customer experience they’re also making it easier for people to collaborate remotely make decisions without needing to be in the same space. In this video give you an overview of what is a digital twin how digital twins are being used in different aspects of the real estate asset class… enjoy it!

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  1. It would be great to try a Virtual 3D tour for my businesses

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